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Rap-n-Rec is an exclusive program delivered within youth justice facilities, aimed at empowering residents to harness the transformative power of music as a channel for storytelling. By normalising music as a vehicle for emotional expression, our dedicated facilitators engage participants on a personalised, one-on-one basis to establish a sense of self-assurance in their musical abilities and ignite their passion for artistic creation. 


Through focused sessions centred on the art of songwriting and recording, this weekly initiative caters to both the girls and boys units at the youth justice residence with a commitment to fostering creative growth and personal development.


When these young people are released from residency, we continue to walk alongside them, supporting them through their musical aspirations and empowering their social connections.


Rap-n-Rec started in Youth Justice with our long-term Senior Facilitator, Rizván Tu’itahi, who was delivering these programs independently. In 2023, he handed the mana over to Te Karanga to provide more ongoing support for these rangatahi.


We have two facilitators delivering Rap-n-Rec on a weekly basis, and over the school holidays.


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