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To donate to Te Karanga Charitable Trust for any of our our services: 03-0175-0259487-00

We are a registered charity, so your donation can be claimed from the IRD as a charitable rebate. We will issue you with a full donation receipt.

There’s no need to complete a paper form with IRD this year because you can now claim donation tax credits online in a myIR account, Inland Revenue’s secure online service.

  • You’ll receive your refund much sooner.

  • Your receipts can be electronic receipts, or photos or scans of paper receipts.

  • Your receipts can be uploaded anytime during the year.

You can find more information on

Contact us for more info on how you can donate

Past/completed projects

Note: Campaigns no longer active

Project: Profit for the Planet

We have co-designed a project with youth in our 'Creative Pathways' initiative to raise both awareness and funds to support the growing movement toward reducing emissions by 50% before 2031, to avoid irreversible damage caused by climate change.

This project started with a T-shirt logo design competition. The talented winners of the vote received $50 gift vouchers for Westfield shopping centres.

The second phase of the project was creating a business plan on how to create, promote and distribute the T-shirts with a Zero capital budget. The participants decided to promote pre-sales via their online and face to face social networks. The profit from each T-shirt will be split between the young entrepreneur that made the sale, and our local environmentally conscious charity of choice, Earth Action Trust

To Purchase T-Shirts, make a simple bank deposit to 03-0175-0259487-003 
Reference: Salespersons first name and initial. 
Code: The number (#) & size of T-shirt(s)
Detail: Your initials
Then email us details at
The T-shirts will be printed at the end of June and available shortly after for pick up or delivery (Postage applies)

Only $30
till June 30 2019


#1 Jayden

TAYLA .jpg

#3 Tayla

Paige final design 101.jpg

#2 Paige

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#4 Michael

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