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To donate to Te Karanga Charitable Trust for any of our our services: 


Any donation amount is appreciated. We are a registered charity, so your donation can be claimed from the IRD as a charitable rebate. We will issue you with a full donation receipt.

$5,000 - 5 weeks of one on one mentoring (4 youth) or a group program (20+ youth)

$20,000 - 20 Weeks (50+ youth)

$50,000 - One Year  (85+ youth)

$1,000,000 - Will resource us to achieve long term financial and organisational sustainability*

There’s no need to complete a paper form with IRD because you can now claim donation tax credits online in a myIR account, Inland Revenue’s secure online service.

  • You’ll receive your refund much sooner.

  • Your receipts can be electronic receipts, or photos or scans of paper receipts.

  • Your receipts can be uploaded anytime during the year.

You can find more information on

*Contact us for more info on how you can donate and the various options for projects to support.


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Phone: +64210674265
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