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I'm Matte aka LNGSLV aka the Dox with the longest locks. Born and raised in central Auckland with my heart on my sleeve, catch me in the corner of the party spitting rhymes in the bros ear or on the back lawn having a dmc.


The most important things in life to me are my family, music and kai in that order.

It's not about the move, it's about the way you manoevure.


I'm a wordsmith and a weirdo from West Auckland, where you can find me rapping, surfing or eating chicken and golden potatoes from Adriatic (iykyk).


I believe weirdness is a super power, and what is most personal is most universal, so i have a passion for helping people to find their authentic voice. That's where we find out power and our place in the world


Kia Ora! Ko Hariata Makiha toku ingoa.

Ko Ngāpuhi, Te Arawa, Ngāti Rongonui, Te Atiawa ngā iwi. As a proud Maori born and raised in Mangere, South Auckland I grew up surrounded with a love of music. My passions stem through singing, song writing, playing guitar and also through recording and mixing. I enjoy performing, spending time with family and friends, looking after my health, fitness, and food.



Our program is there to help empower creatives and nurture their gifts. Then building up the confidence to share it with others. Whether it's singing, rapping, production, mixing or recording. It's all art, just need a like minded person, or even better, a group in your corner cheering you on.


Nau mai haere mai.



A proud Waikato raised Irish/Māori that moved to Djubuli (Sydney) as a tamariki. I wear many hats (literally) - from being a trained musician to being a corporate executive manager at 23. I was privileged with opportunity and I honestly just want to use the tools I obtained, in all areas, to provide rangatahi with some of that awhi.


"Mauria te pono"



Mālō e lelei. I'm Siose Solo.


I'm of Tongan and Maori decent. I was born and raised on the North Shore. I've been involved in music ever since I was in primary. In more recent years I've been a facilitator & mentor for Te Karanga Trust. I'm a proud father and aspiring artist (rapper/wordsmith). I have a passion for serving my community through music.




I am an urbanized Maori, Samoan, Cook Islander. I grew up in Mount Roskill and spent almost a decade moving around Australia. Arts and music are ingrained in my whakapapa on both sides of the family. Creativity has helped me stay the course of being a cycle breaker. It has given me an opportunity to explore what it means to be dispossessed and disconnected from my cultural identity and family. My goal is to help our Rangitahi navigate their adversities with confidence and to inspire them to find their voices through artistic expression and community.

I grew up in West Auckland and Whakapapa to the United States via Eastern Europe. I’ve been a professional musician for about 15 years, and work as a producer, session musician, music director, recording engineer, and label co-owner. I’ve been involved in the music mentorship/youth work space for about 5 years, and feel enormous privilege in being able to pay my experience forward as a resource to the next generation. "Be who you needed when you were younger".



I am a proud Samoan born and bred in West Auckland. As a young musician the ‘Navigators’ program helped me find my footing within the music industry and supported me along my journey. This has come full circle for myself as a once mentee turned award-winning mentor. Because my life has been affected so positively by this work I feel a responsibility to pay it forward to the next generation of young creatives. It takes a village to raise a child and we are just one of many- Here to help where we can.

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Raised in South Auckland, I had my first interaction with hip hop through my father and have since soaked up as much game as I can from the world surrounding Hiphop music.

I use music as a tool to utilize, process and address thoughts/feelings our tamariki feel in their everyday life in hopes that we can assist their healing process. I can operate recording equipment and multiple Digital Audio Workstations which gives me fluidity in Music Production Spaces.



I whakapapa to Scotland & England, both sides arrived in Aotearoa in 1840 to Petone & Pauatahanui. I am 6th generation Tau Iwi, Tangata Tiriti, second generation Tāmaki Makaurau resident. My passion and drive for creative youthwork & supporting rangatahi from all backgrounds with resources & mentoring comes from my own experience as a troubled and staunchly independent, highly at risk teenager, and the positive impact a mentor (Simon Chaplin) had on me when I was 14. Over the years I have learned many trades, skills and professions but my passion is in music, creativity and service to the community.

I’m Ra, I grew up in both East and South Auckland. I spent my early 20’s learning the realities of building a business from scratch. I bring this knowledge and experience to the TKT team. Entrepreneurship is my passion, it has opened doors for me that many from where I’m from will never see. My goal is to change this.

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