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About us

Te Karanga Trust’s mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of young people. To help create a more inclusive, resilient and connected community. To honour cultural identity, to promote tolerance and understanding, to engage young people with their communities and open doors for youth in underserved communities. We nurture career pathways, promote connectedness, belonging and the overall wellbeing of young people, with a focus on the most under resourced youth.

We facilitate strength-based youth programs in a range of mediums such as discussion groups; vocational education and one on one mentoring. Through our facilities and community radio stations, we teach creative, technical, digital, music and arts skills with a view to further education and vocation. We have a ‘youth for youth’ focus, promoting young leaders and youth-led initiatives.

Te Karanga Trust was founded in 2004, achieved charitable status in 2006, donor status in 2014, and is run by both volunteer and paid staff members. We have over fifteen years experience in all fields of youth development work. Our board of trustees is culturally diverse with representation from youth. Our work is Auckland wide.

Charitable Purposes of the Trust

a. To facilitate the promotion of a multicultural and diverse artistic and educational community. This includes mentoring and support for members of the community by our volunteers from diverse cultures and backgrounds;
b. To promote inclusivity, connectedness, participation, and to create an environment where youth of diverse ethnic backgrounds can come together and share ideas in a safe and understanding place;
c. To focus on nurturing career pathways, education and the arts;
d. To administer the premises as a venue for youth development programs, discussion groups, visual arts and audio arts and to facilitate its function as a meeting place, and in particular administer, and facilitate the use of the premises as a working art gallery, community radio station, practicing work space, community theatre and venue for films and documentaries;
e. To assist individuals and Charitable Bodies and Community Organisations to further any Charitable Purpose;
f. To liaise and work with other charitable organisations and groups with a similar mission;
g. To acknowledge and honour Te Tiriti o Waitangi, and to embrace Hapu, Iwi and Whanau of the land in which we Iive.